AHA Fine Art

Booth 625 | New York, NY

116 Duane Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10007
p. 212-810-7716


Presented Artists

Alexis Hilliard
Rachel Grobstein
Carol Crawford
Jeremiah Johnson

Arlene Rush
John Breiner


Tornado by Alexis Hilliard. 2018, Handmade paper collage

Afterlife by Rachel Grobstein. 2017, Cut and painted paper

Endless March by Carol Crawford. 2018, Photo collage and painting

Dream Trailer 1970 by Jeremiah Johnson. 2017, unopened Credit card applications, hot glue, pencil

Cheim & Read by Arlene Rush., Linen, paper, resin, leaf, acrylic and wood

Funguy Warrior on the move (A&H) by John Breiner. 2018, Acrylic and collage on respurposed book