Donghwa Ode Gallery

Booth 515 | NJ


Presented Artists

Ham Sup
Sydney Cash
Ilhwa Kim
Kyung Youl Yoon
Gwang Hee Jeong
Young Sup Han
Jeongmin Suh
Evan Sebastian Lagache


Waves by Sydney Cash. 2014, Oil on paper mounted on Dibond 40 x 48 x 5 inches

One's Home Town 1381 by Ham Sup. 2013, Korean paper and mixed media 52 x 64.5 inches

Seed Universe 79 by Ilhwa Kim. 2017, Hand dyed Korean Traditional Paper Hanji 46.8 x 36.5x6 inches

Cubic Inception by Kyung Youl Yoon. 2019, Mixed media on paper mounted on canvas 60 x 62 inches

Untitled 2017-2 by Gwang Hee Jeong. 2017, Ink on Korean paper 63.7 x 52 inches

Korean Hose Roof-17 by Jeongmin Suh. 2015, Korean Traditional paper Hanji 59 x 32 inches

Forest by Young Sup Han. 2005, Ink on Korean paper Hanji 95.3 x 32.3 inches

The Beginning of the End by Evan Sebastian Lagache. 2019, Vintage Life and Times Magazines, Fire and Ashes on Hot pressed Paper Collage 24 x 18 inches