Sous Les Etoiles Gallery

Booth 507 | New York, NY

560 Broadway #603
New York, NY 10012
p. 212-966-0796

Presented Artists

James Whitlow Delano
Carolle Bénitah
Richard Caldicott
David Zimmerman


Veiled infant, Gansu Province. by James Whitlow Delano. 1994, Archival Pigment Print

je ne veux pas savoir ce que tu attends de moi (I do not want to know what you want from me) by Carolle Bénitah. 2009, Red Ink on Archival Pigment Print

Untitled #14 by Richard Caldicott. 2014, B/W photogram and black paper negative

B/W photogram and paper negative (36) by Richard Caldicott. 2013, B/W photogram and yellow paper negative

Tenzin Kalzom by David Zimmerman. 2012, Archival Pigment Print