Vietnamese Contemporary Fine Art

Booth F08 | New York, NY

10 West 66th Street, 11G
New York, NY 10023
p. 212-721-3053

Presented Artists

Dinh Thi Tham Poong
Nguyen Van Cuong
Nguyen Thanh Binh
Trinh Quoc Chien
Nguyen Bach Dan


The Sound Of Bird And Sunshine Color by Dinh Thi Tham Poong. 2019, Watercolor and gold leaf collage on handmade paper 31.5 x 23.5 inches

Young Buddha by Nguyen Van Cuong. 2018, Lacquer on wood 14 inches in diameter

Pink Rose by Nguyen Thanh Binh., Watercolor on paper 9.5 x 11.75 inches

Buddha's Cosmos by Trinh Quoc Chien. 2018, Lacquer on wood 35 x 38.5 inches

Meditation by Trinh Quoc Chien. 2014, Acrylic on paper with rice paper, gouache and tempera 21.25 x 29 inches

Woodland Stream by Nguyen Bach Dan. 2004, Ink on paper 35 x 47 inches