Projects and Events

2020 Projects and Events

Art on Paper's Projects challenge, expand, and engage visitors with their interactive presentation and immersive constructions. This invitational program works with participating galleries and cultural organizations to activate Art on Paper's public spaces.

Absolut Art x Art on Paper meet and greet

Location: Absolute Art | Booth A02 | Saturday, March 7 at 12:30pm
Absolut Art is offering a unique opportunity at this year’s Art on Paper fair: six of the artists whose work we are offering will be present, eager to share a drink and chat with you about their creations. You’ll find Manolo Campion, Austin Eddy, LilKool, Makeba KEEBS Rainey, James Thomas, and Lisa Törner on the scene on Saturday, March 7,... read more

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A Live Illustration Session by Shantell Martin

Location: Absolute Art | Booth A02 | Sunday, March, 8 at 1pm
Martin has created her own world that bridges fine art, performance art, technology and the everyday experience: conversations, objects and places. Underlying Martin’s work is a quest for identity — her own, discovered and refined in the development of her characteristic style, and that of the viewer, engaged by Martin’s direct questioning and further explored in her winding lines. Her... read more

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Meet the Artists @ Tamarind Institute

Location: Booth B1 | Saturday, March 7 | 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Visit Tamarind booth #B1 at ART on PAPER Saturday afternoon, March 7 between 1 — 4 pm to meet the artists Danielle Orchard, Hayal Pozanti, Fay Ku, Shinique Smith, and others! Tamarind was founded in 1960 in Los Angeles, California and moved to Albuquerque, NM in 1970. This year marks 60 years of collaborating with contemporary artists to create fine art lithographs.... read more

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Black Diamond Speakeasy

Location: Black Diamond Gallery, Booth A06
Black Diamond Gallery pleased to present the Black Diamond Speakeasy. Presented in collaboration with AMP Events, the Black Diamond Speakeasy is a fully interactive installation that will feature a photobooth, cocktails by Fort Defiance, antique furnishings, curio-cabinets filled with oddities, and series of additional curiosities to be discovered and explored. In true speakeasy fashion, the installation is accessible through a hidden entrance... read more

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Karen Margolis | Scorched

Location: Art on Paper Central Lounge
Scorched Art on Paper Fair March, 2020 Maps offer an implicit promise of providing direction, but more than representing the exterior world, maps symbolize our inner journeys, our hopes, our dreams and even our states of mind.  Collecting both outdated and new maps, I explore the changing landscape of both our external world and internal realms through the arbitrariness of loss... read more

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Lyndi Sales | Each fragment you collect is a piece closer to your whole

Location: Art on Paper Welcome Pavilion
Lyndi Sales is an artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. For the past couple of years, she has been working on a series of installations and artworks that seek to investigate the circumstances surrounding the controversial Helderberg plane crash. These constructions, made of intricately cut, pinned paper and rubber often shed light on the fragile nature of our existence,... read more

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Edgar Heap of Birds | Columbus Day Series

Location: Art on Paper Main Floor
For more than three decades, Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds (Cheyenne and Arapaho Nation, b. 1954) has worked as an artist, activist, and teacher. Based in Oklahoma City and on tribal land, where he has lived since 1981, Heap of Birds consistently creates works that confront repressed or unacknowledged histories of state and settler violence against Native... read more

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Maser | Sacred Place

Location: Art on Paper Main Floor
Imagine creating an installation that has a "life after death", a dual purpose. With postage tubes covered in artwork pattern prints as building blocks, Maser will create a 3 dimensional immersive space that can exist both during and after the fair. Everyone is accountable and a collective community is created as the fair's participating galleries utilize these tubes, which are now part... read more

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