Projects and Events

2021 Projects & Events

Art on Paper's Projects challenge, expand, and engage visitors with their interactive presentation and immersive constructions. This invitational program works with participating galleries and cultural organizations to activate Art on Paper's public spaces.

Private Event: NXT.ART Africa Salon

Presented by AfricaNXT

Location: Art on Paper Mezzanine
The NXT.ART Africa Salon will be an immersive space and experience that centers African artistry. The Salon will be curated to foster dialogue and connectivity, while also leveraging paper as a medium to tell African stories. Through collaborations with artists and artisans from Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Ghana, Uganda and Jamaica, the NXT.ART Africa Salon will serve as a wonderful opportunity... read more

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Nicolas V. Sanchez | Ballet Nepantla

Presented by Sugarlift

Location: Sugarlift Presents: Nicolas V. Sanchez | Booth E05 | 9/9 @ 8pm & 9/11 @ 2pm
Ballet Nepantla fuses contemporary dance with Mexican folklorico to explore new interpretative ways of delving into cultural and historical “in-between-ness.” Co-founders Andrea Guajardo and Martin Rodriguez have backgrounds in classical ballet and traditional Mexican folklorico, respectively. They envisioned a new form of expression that fused the two modalities, and sought an aesthetic that would speak to the historical, cultural, and... read more

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Rebecca Hutchinson | Double Bloom

Presented by Duane Reed Gallery

Location: Art on Paper Central Lounge
Rebecca Hutchinson Double Bloom 2017-19 fired and unfired porcelain paper clay, handmade paper, organic material 9' - 11' x 24" My work is inspired by research of determinate plant growth dynamics and historical handcrafted botanical motifs. Recently, I have been exploring the themes of navigating boundaries, both conceptually and aesthetically. I explore the ideas of obstacles that are presented and... read more

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Stephen Powers | ESPO’s ART WORLD

Location: Art on Paper Main Floor
ESPO’s ART WORLD, the storefront gallery devoted to the art of contemporary artist and muralist Stephen Powers, will be building an immersive print-making studio at the fair. As a center for community engagement since 2012, ESPO’s ART WORLD looks forward to introducing the larger art world to the language and art of Stephen Powers and the great 4th Avenue Press... read more

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Samuelle Green | Manifestation

Location: Art on Paper Main Floor
Artist Samuelle Green's work, especially the large scale installations, reference the complex and often overlooked art forms found in nature, and thus inspire contemplation. In her piece for Art on Paper, the hundreds of thousands of book pages, typically consisting of paperbacks slated for recycling, are rolled into the stitched fencing of chicken wire to create an undulating, riverlike structure that... read more

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