Black Diamond Speakeasy

Location: Black Diamond Gallery, Booth A06

Black Diamond Gallery pleased to present the Black Diamond Speakeasy. Presented in collaboration with AMP Events, the Black Diamond Speakeasy is a fully interactive installation that will feature a photobooth, cocktails by Fort Defiance, antique furnishings, curio-cabinets filled with oddities, and series of additional curiosities to be discovered and explored. In true speakeasy fashion, the installation is accessible through a hidden entrance located inside the Black Diamond exhibition stand at A06.

Exhibited in tandem with the gallery’s solo presentation of surrealist mixed-media collage sculptures by Jay Riggio, the Black Diamond Speakeasy is an experiential installation modeled as a living interpretation of the moody nostalgia reflected in the artist’s work. The installation will offer fairgoers a unique opportunity to physically immerse themselves in the intention of an artist’s work, transporting them into a carefully crafted, hidden world within the fair. In addition to the many curiosities to be uncovered inside the Black Diamond Speakeasy, the installation will include works on paper from Jay Riggio, Logan Hicks, Joseph Grazi, and Brian Knoerzer.

“Art can act as a mirror. It can show you things about yourself. It can make you feel something more than you ever knew was possible without a clear objective. My intention is to make people feel something different. If I've summoned an emotional response, then you've understood my intention.” – Jay Riggio