Book Signing : Seçkin Pirim and Paul Laster

Presented by the Artist and C24 Gallery

Saturday, March 9 | 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Location: C24 Gallery Booth 405

“I think the less a work says the more it expresses in silence,” Seçkin Pirim recently shared with me when we met to discuss his artistic point of view at C24 Gallery in New York. “What excites me most is to see what I can express with one line. That’s why I’ve always strived to attain a degree of minimalism in my work.”

His use of a minimalist style was one of the first aspects that attracted me to his work, but the way he pushes those ideas into the digital age is what made me want to see more. Like Frank Stella and Lygia Clark, Pirim started working
with minimalist materials and forms, but the complexity of production, layering of elements, and conceptual thinking behind his latest sculptures results in a more-is-more maximalist outcome.