Nicolas V. Sanchez | Ballet Nepantla

Presented by Sugarlift

Location: Sugarlift Presents: Nicolas V. Sanchez | Booth E05 | 9/9 @ 8pm & 9/11 @ 2pm

Ballet Nepantla fuses contemporary dance with Mexican folklorico to explore new interpretative ways of delving into cultural and historical “in-between-ness.” Co-founders Andrea Guajardo and Martin Rodriguez have backgrounds in classical ballet and traditional Mexican folklorico, respectively. They envisioned a new form of expression that fused the two modalities, and sought an aesthetic that would speak to the historical, cultural, and social realities of a broader narrative of being Mexican, Mexican-American, immigrant, and trans-cultural.

About Nicolas V. Sanchez’s Ballet Folklorico Series
Nicolas V. Sanchez’s recent body of work is inspired by his Mexican-American heritage. His mother is a seamstress who creates elaborate and intricate dresses for ballet folklorico dancers. Through memory, research, and contemporary observation of ballet folklorico dancers, Sanchez has developed a body of work that is cohesive, inspiring, and deeply personal. In August of 2020, Sanchez created a 20-foot long painting, Folklorico de Guerrero during his time as the artist-in-residence at Sugarlift and High Line Nine. The painting depicts three ballet folklorico dancers, dressed in the typical style of dress from the Guerrero region. Ballet Nepantla aided Sanchez in the development of the painting, posing for the artist, and performing at the unveiling of the piece.

Ballet Nepantla at Art on Paper 2021
To highlight Sugarlift’s booth at Art on Paper presenting Nicolas V. Sanchez and to provide an engaging performing arts experience for fair attendees, Ballet Nepantla will perform a traditional Mexican folklorico dance. The performances will take place on opening night, Thursday 9/9 at 8pm, and Saturday on 9/11 at 2pm. The visual representation of Sanchez’s ballet folklorico dancers in watercolor, charcoal and oil on paper, coupled with the manifestation of the art form in real time, will energize the audience and make for an unforgettable experience for fair-goers.