Timothy Paul Myers & Andrew Barnes | Understory

Presented by Walter Maciel Gallery

Location: Main Floor

“Understory” by Timothy Paul Myers and Andrew Barnes builds on the ideas, concepts, and materials used in their previous installation entitled “The Living Room.” Myers and Barnes continue to push the scope and scale of their installation work with the presentation of a life-sized environment.

Understory replicates a suburban American basement, complete with the furnishings and objects typically found therein. The laundry machines, old bed frame, ping pong paddle and coffee maker all have their place on the crowded shelves and amongst the piles that make up this catch-all space. These objects are to some degree transformed by a meticulously wrapped layer of pale pinkish colored felt. The tactile covering, a wash of indistinction obscuring the boundaries and individuality of these already common items.


Originally from Adelaide, Australia, Myers lives and works in Brooklyn where he has maintained a studio since receiving his BFA at the University of Texas, 1992.  He has had representation in various New York galleries and showed regularly from 2006 to 2014.  

Barnes was raised in Manhattan where he continues to live. He worked in the field of technical design before beginning his collaboration with Myers.