Will Kurtz | Sweeping Woman

Presented by Garvey | Simon

Location: Main Floor

Will Kurtz
Sweeping Woman, 2011
Wood, wire, cardboard, newspaper, tape, glue, matte medium, UV matte varnish, wig, jewelry, broom
27 x 52 x 20 inches

Artist Statement    

I create realistic life-size figures and animals out of newspaper with an internal structure made of wood and wire. The newspaper forms have a collage of words and colorful advertising that is applied in a spontaneous painterly fashion to reflect the mood and life of the individual.

My subjects are real, everyday people who are often undistinguished and living on the margins of society. I select and create uncommon characters that have a distinct emotive quality. I use photography to capture a moment of their daily lives. They are often comic in character, dress or body type. The posture, gestures, facial expressions, and clothing bring the figures to life. They have a familiarity of someone you might know or have passed on the street. I capture their resilience and vulnerability to embody a true empathy for the hardships we all share. The animals are selected to show their unique breed, size, shape or type of hair. Through them I am able to express their innocence and humor that has a universal appeal.