Rebecca Hutchinson | Double Bloom

Presented by Duane Reed Gallery

Location: Art on Paper Central Lounge

Rebecca Hutchinson
Double Bloom
fired and unfired porcelain paper clay, handmade paper, organic material
9' - 11' x 24"

My work is inspired by research of determinate plant growth dynamics and historical handcrafted botanical motifs. Recently, I have been exploring the themes of navigating boundaries, both conceptually and aesthetically. I explore the ideas of obstacles that are presented and overcome during growth.

Double Bloom is woven with sisal thread and sprayed with several layers of paper fiber, clay and paint. The sculptures feature handmade paper made from upcycled clothing and domestic table linens. I beat these materials down to pulp and form handmade sheets of paper to build with. The work has both a sustainability sensibility, utilizing the vernacular-harvest as content, and a refined formal quality.