Talk: Peter Hastings Falk | The Bertschmann Discovery: An Insider‘s View to Valuing Art

Location: Quogue Gallery, Booth 515

Harry Bertschmann
Underground No. 4
Acrylic on pape
25.25 x 40.25 inches

“The Bertschmann Discovery: An Insider‘s View to Valuing Art” by Peter Hastings Falk

Peter Falk heads up the Artist Discovery Group whose mission is to identify excellent artists who have not yet received the full recognition they deserve. The Group’s satisfaction comes from being the catalyst for significant discoveries and rediscoveries that connect artists and their estates with new avenues into the art market. The year 2018 has begun with the surprising rediscovery of a painter who is being added to the pantheon of significant abstract expressionist masters. The Harry Bertschmann story first broke on Sunday, January 7, 2018 in The New York Times by writer Susan Chumsky, and Bertschmann has quickly achieved high acclaim from art historians while delighting collectors. Falk will speak about his personal involvement in the discovery of Harry Bertschmann and how his Group goes about valuing the art of their “discoveries.” The Bertchmann story is compelling and his works on paper being displayed by the Quogue Gallery are masterful. Please join the Peter Falk and the Quogue Gallery on Saturday, March 10 at Booth 515 at 2:30 pm to hear a fascinating human interest story; learn about how art historians value the art of previously little known masters; and see the beautiful paintings of Harry Bertschmann.